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DDOS Penetration Testing Cyber Attack And Protection

Jhone Robat

DDOS has caused huge damage to web application system. DDOS penetration testing Dubai provides unique opportunities to carry out multi-layered attacks. The testing thoroughly designed around multiple controls to avoid vulnerabilities and allow enterprises to increase their security strategies.

Here is how the penetration testing is designed.


Proactively designing the security strategy to encounter the attack before it actually hit an organization. The best way to get all essential information is to set an implement a healthy strategy. Use of a right type of technology and methodology will help the company in this process.


Threat modeling and vulnerability assessment is really important to find the system risks and threats.


Extensive assessment of security is to validate risks in a security system. There is a multi-layered approach to cover and clean the system from potential vulnerabilities.


Documentation of security process and strategies is as important as conducting the analysis. Weekly reports, clearly designed reviews and recommendations design comprehensive documentation for a company. The documentation will be used to support future assessment and security policy designs.

Penetration testing in Dubai often follow this process in multiple iterations, the real purpose is to create an impeccable security strategy. DDOS threats can damage the whole web-based system within few minutes. It is crucial for companies to invest on penetration testing in order to get maximum protection. The limited and focused approach will lead to successful security for a web application.

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