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Security Threats In The Cyber World

When the first computer was made, it was deemed to be much quicker than the human. With time, more sophisticated versions of computers were made and they claimed to be ‘smarter’ than the human. No matter how smart we think our smart phone or smart television or a computer software is, at the end of the day it is a creation by a man and can therefore, not be smarter than him. One of modernity’s biggest claims and pride is the advent of technology and the progress it has brought on in the lives of men. Although this is a 100% true, there are flip sides to everything including this claim.

cyber security assessment

As most information is stored online or on the computer these days, it is important that we assess the security measures of the systems that we use. This security refers to guarding networks and computers against intellectual and information theft, software and hardware damage and incorrect or improper usage of information available on computers. This checking and rechecking of the system is known as cyber security assessment; possible threats and already committed thefts are analyzed in accordance with a firm and then this analysis leads to improving the system and making the security tighter.

The importance of having a cyber security assessment cannot be stressed enough; institutions like hospitals, schools, government and even private companies are vulnerable to drastic information theft if they are not adequately protected. Attacks on the cyber world have also become quite sophisticated and difficult to manage. These measures can help protect the system from any external harm (viruses) and internal harm (theft, malpractice). The process of assessment itself includes using checking software to detect leaks in the system, figuring out why such a thing has happened, trace the source and then fixing the leak.

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