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Why The SIEM Services Have Become Vital For Enterprises?

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As enterprises are under the attack of damaging and advanced data breaches and as the attacks are becoming so frequent, all the enterprises are focusing on how to analyze every aspect and every way that could be used to enter in to their system. Although it’s extremely handy to be aware of all our weaknesses and knowing vulnerabilities gives us a chance to strengthen our systems and redeem ourselves.

Managed SIEM

Solution to all the problems

The solution to these ever growing monstrous threats and unpredictable attacks is the security information and event management. A tool specially designed for handling and monitoring of the data and information which and whenever it leaves and enters the network.

Right configuration

Proper handling and deployment of security information and event management is a daunting task because it requires round the clock working and that too by a skilled professional. Managed SIEM demands a right configuration because a lot of correlation alerts and rules are involved which need to be worked on, monitored constantly, maintained and updated to ensure proper collecting of log and display incident alerts.

Analyzing of reports

In addition to this the skilled professionals should be able to analyze the reports and also to evaluate the results to facilitate the understanding of security response implications for the enterprise.

Problems for struggling enterprises

A permanent working staff is the need of the time if you want in-house deployment and handling of security information and event management solutions. But this can set an organization financially backwards which may be already short of financial and monetary resources.

Necessary categorization:

It is very necessary to categorize and identify the system log files that will be needed for monitoring purposes. Several enterprises need different logs that process the data after collection. Different kinds of logs must be normalized so that the data remains consistent before the above mentioned system starts providing useful reports.

Collection of logs by positioning of agents:

This system is used for the collection of logs for security related docs that need to be analyzed. Majority of security information and event management systems perform their tasks by positioning of collection agents in a hierarchical manner. This is done to collect security related events from all the servers, network equipment, end user devices and also other equipment deployed for security like firewalls, anti viruses and other systems of intrusion prevention.

Last inspections:

The gathered logs are forwarded to the centralized management console where inspections and flag anomalies are performed. Administrator of managed SIEM needs to create a system profile which allows the system to categorize and identify all the anomalous events in normal conditions.

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